Moderator TikTok (Kazakh Language) - #1516965

Beijing Bytedance Technology Co., Ltd

Дата: 3.08.20 8:40
Город: Москва, Москва
Категория: ИТ и интернет
Зарплата: договорная
Тип работы: Постоянная работа
График работы: Полный рабочий день

Responsibilities: 1. Ensuring legal compliance and safety of content uploaded to the short video platforms. 2. Development, improvement and maintenance of standards for the security of the online communities. 3. Improving the content management strategy for the short video platforms. 4. Coordinating with supervising departments for timely management of content that violates our regulations. Requirements: Obligatory: 1. Bachelor's degree or higher. 2. Kazakh, English and Russian fluent and idiomatic. 3. Attention to noteworthy social issues, breaking news and popular trends Requirements: Other: 1. Active user and familiarity with short video products. 2. Familiarity with internet laws and regulations, especially reviewing content. 3. Passionate about Internet entertainment / media space, mobile web video / content, and pop culture. 4. Attention to details and ability to work differing work rotations / shifts as required. Terms: By agreement

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